Fall 2010, Letter from the Friends




Fall 2010


Dear Friends,

Save the San Jacinto Battleground Fund is a statewide campaign for the preservation of the1836 San Jacinto battlefield where Texas won its independence from Mexico. The Fund was initiated and is being conducted by the San Jacinto Battleground Association d/b/a The Friends of the San Jacinto Battleground. 


Launched in February 2010, the immediate goal was to raise $625,000 to purchase an historic 19-acre land tract owned by the estate of late Houston attorney John O’Quinn.  Serious interest had been expressed by developers for construction of an industrial training center for maritime and energy workers on this property. We felt that something had to be done to protect its historical and environmental integrity from being forever obliterated, so we sprang into action!


Within the Fund’s first six months---on July 30, 2010--- the historic property was purchased.  This was accomplished with the support of donations from almost 100 individuals, grants from foundations, and a bridge loan!


The Fund’s next goals are to repay the loan and raise an additional $350,000 to begin rehabilitation of the acreage with public and private partners in 2011. This includes archeological research, historic signage, interpretive trails, nature and wildlife habitat and rare green space reclaimed—as a gift to the citizens of Texas in 2011, the Battle of San Jacinto’s 175th anniversary.  


Unique to the acreage are its ties to the Texas Revolution and the Civil War as well as its status among the last remaining wildlife environments on the Houston Ship Channel.  Additional details of the historical significance of the property can be found HERE In restoring the property, we hope to reflect how it might have looked in the 19th century.   The project will be guided by a 1998 Master Plan for the San Jacinto Battleground and informed by recent archeological surveys. The overarching goal is to provide an important demonstration project to preserve historical and environmentally sensitive green space for the area. 


We hope you will help us by donating to the Save the San Jacinto Battleground Fund. 


It’s easy, and you can do it online by going to the “Donation” tab.  Or feel free to call us, 713-237-8997, or write to us, P. O. Box 940536, Houston, Texas  77094. No donation is too small.  And we would be proud to have you as a partner!  (You can also become a member by clicking the “Membership” tab.  Check out all of our activities on the website.)


Thank you,


Friends of the San Jacinto Battleground